Montclair’s Healthy Alternatives for The New Year

With the holidays over and 2021 finally upon us, it’s time to set new goals and start the year off on a healthy note. Whether that be getting active or focusing on clean eating, Montclair New Jersey has various businesses that can help you find healthy alternatives for the new year. Being as though we are still in the midst of a pandemic, each business is following safety protocols to keep customers safe, and some businesses offering remote options for those looking to get healthy from home. Take a look at some of Montclair’s healthy restaurants and fitness locations helping everyone get healthy in the new year.

The Salad House

Entering the new year as a new addition to the Montclair community is The Salad House. Founded by Joey Cioffi, The Salad House is a fast-casual style restaurant with multiple healthy options to choose from including salads, sandwiches, wraps, smoothies, and more. They specialize in freshly prepared, customized, and signature salad creations handmade-to-order. Everything made from quality and wholesome ingredients, offering their style of “health-conscious comfort food.”

In addition to providing health-conscious meals, The Salad House prioritizes convenience. The Salad House accommodates those who prefer to dine-in and/or take-out. With the use of online and mobile ordering, customers are able to place orders for delivery or on-site pick-up. If you’re looking to prioritize clean eating in the new year, check out The Salad House for convenient, health-conscious meals.

Located at 18 S. Fullerton Ave.

Visit The Salad House Website to view their menu and/or place an order.

Rise Up Nutrition

For those looking to include healthy options in their diet but still have a sweet tooth, Rise Up Nutrition is the place for you. Rise Up Nutrition offers healthy shakes, energy drinks, protein donuts, and waffles. All of which satisfies your sweet tooth while still being a healthy alternative. Providing delicious menu items such as the Funfetti shake and the Good as New refresher packed with nutrients, vitamins, and proteins. Rise Up Nutrition successfully creates guilt-free deliciousness one can look forward to.

With the use of online ordering, all menu items are conveniently available for pick-up so you can get what you want on the go. If you’re someone who likes to start the day off with an energy drink or shake, check out Rise Up Nutrition for delicious guilt-free drinks and treats.

Located at 24 Elm St. 1A

Visit the Rise Up Nutrition Website to view their menu and/or place an order.


Helping people totally transform their eating habits is Ketosyntesis, a Keto and healthy meal delivery service. Ketosyntesis conveniently develops meal plans customers can choose from depending on their health concerns. They have a range of meal plans including a keto fast menu, a kid’s menu, a muscle gainer, a healthy menu, and a bariatric menu. Each meal plan is developed for 4 weeks but customers also have the option to pay for 1 week and have it delivered to their door.

Ketosyntesis is a great alternative for those looking to adjust their eating habits without having to go grocery shopping and preparing meals on their own. With Ketosyntesis’s meal plan delivery service, focusing on clean eating can be convenient and delicious.

Located at 148 Bloomfield Ave.

Visit Ketosyntesis to view their meal plan options and obtain more information.

Qwell Meditation Studio

 For those looking to get into meditation, Qwell Meditation Studio is the place to go. Qwell Meditation Studio is a meditation and wellness studio in the heart of Montclair that offers daily guided meditation. There are a variety of guided mediation services offered including crystal bowl sound meditation, heart meditation, mindful meditation, restorative yoga/reiki, and more. All of which are conveniently provided online for a virtual and safe experience.

Classes are provided daily and can be easily booked online so you can unplug and find balance in the comfort of your own home. Those interested can also read more about the different mediation services offered when booking online.

Located 493 Bloomfield Ave.

Visit Qwell Meditation Studio to book a class and get more information.


Studio AIR

If you’re looking to gain some new skills in aerials or looking for flexibility training, Studio AIR is the location for you. Studio AIR offers pole dancing classes, aerial skill training, flexibility training, and other services. The studio is a welcoming environment with encouraging instructors to assist you along the way. Classes specifically designed for different age groups and skill levels.

Their ranges of classes are conveniently located on their website and are categorized by type of training. Classes are socially distanced and have limited spots available due to safety protocols. Studio AIR is an ideal location if you’re looking to pick up a new skill and/or to simply train your body.

Located at 180 Bloomfield Ave. Suite 3A

Visit Studio AIR to book a class and gain more information.


Architect Studios HIIT Gym 

If you’re into H.I.I.T training, Architect Studios HIIT Gym offers a welcoming ambiance for any fitness level. Architect Studios HIIT Gym is known as one of the hottest HIIT studios in New Jersey founded by Adrienne Felder. Adrienne created Architect Studios to ensure everyone felt accepted and welcomed in a place where all fitness levels can be pushed to their full potential. With the help of multiple fitness instructors, everyone can receive one-on-one training.

The studio offers over 40 classes including GRIIT, SPIN, TRX, etc. all based on the H.I.I.T formula. A clear description of each class and its functionality are conveniently provided on their website. Architect Studios hosts virtual classes daily for those looking to practice H.I.I.T training safely at home.

Located at 4 Lackawanna Plaza.

Visit Architect Studios to sign up for classes and to gain more information.


Cycle Bar Montclair

For those looking to get active in a fun and effective way, give Cycle Bar a try in the new year. Cycle Bar is an indoor cycling studio created to invigorate and provide different cycling experiences. The Cycle Bar experience includes Cyclestars, Cyclebeats, and Cyclestats. Each experience specifically designed for individual needs. Whether you’re looking for direct coaching, upbeat mood-elevating playlists, or trying to reach a fitness goal; the Cycle Bar is providing it all.

Spots are available for reservations on their website where you can select a designated class and time that suits your schedule and/or needs. Cycle Bar also offers membership deals and packages for those looking to including indoor cycling into their weekly regimens.

Located at 656 Bloomfield Ave.

Visit Cycle Bar Montclair to sign up for classes and to gain more information.


Anytime Fitness


Providing a total fitness experience for those looking to start a fitness journey this year is Anytime Fitness. Anytime Fitness is a gym designed to help its members reach their goals. They offer solutions that include fitness, nutrition, and recovery to provide the 360-approach needed to complete your wellness journey. Anytime Fitness prioritizes being different from the traditional gym by having coaches that build a customized plan for each individual, keep members motivated, and succeed in their fitness journey.

From now until January 25th, the cost to join Anytime Fitness is $1. When you join, Anytime Fitness increases its grant support to the Movemeant Foundation which empowers young women with the tools to be active. New members will also receive a fitness consultation with a coach and a 30-day workout plan. Anytime Fitness an ideal fitness location for anyone looking to gain the tools, training, and coaching necessary to start their fitness journey in the new year.

Located at 312 Bloomfield Ave.

Visit Anytime Fitness to join and obtain more information.


To Be Pilates Studio


If you’re looking to get into pilates in the new year, To Be Pilates Studio is the ideal studio in the heart of Montclair. Established in Milan in 2008, founded by Barbara Morini and Roger Mazzeo; To Be Pilates studio is a fully-equipped pilates studio that provides a calm escape and concentrated workout. With sessions designed for all, To Be Pilates Studio makes pilates extremely versatile for everyone.

Sessions are available for purchase through Barbara Morini’s website. The sessions vary from private, duete, semi-private, cardiolates, and mat/melt sessions. To Be Pilate Studio is a relaxing way to get fit and provides a fulfilling workout experience.

Located at 47 S. Park St.

Visit Barbara Morini’s Website to book sessions and gain more information.


Whether you’re looking to eat more health-consciously, get active, or begin a fitness journey; Montclair’s healthy restaurants and fitness locations are providing you with various tools and options to choose from. Each business considering the risks of the current pandemic, they are following safety protocols and developing remote alternatives for everyone to enjoy. Start the new year on a healthy note and try out some of Montclair’s healthy alternatives.

Written by Lynese Salmon

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