Montclair Center Distributing Over $450,000 in Grants to Downtown Businesses

Luca Valerin Cafe Giotto and Jason Gleason Ex DIr BID

The Montclair Center BID has been awarded additional pandemic recovery funds from the Main Street New Jersey COVID-19 Relief 2020 Grant and is distributing the bulk of the funds to local downtown businesses. Over $450,000 in grants are being given to 130 businesses throughout the district with additional monies supporting programs such as online shopping services through Beyond Main, more classes for business owners, district maintenance, and additional online options for shopping and dining.


“We are pleased to offer additional CARES Act funding to help small businesses, which continue to struggle due to the ongoing pandemic,” said Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver who serves as DCA Commissioner. “The additional funding promotes the continued recovery and revitalization of communities like Montclair that participate in the Main Street New Jersey Program.”


“We are so grateful to the Main Street Program of the State of New Jersey for further supporting our recovery efforts in Downtown Montclair,” said Lisa Johnson, president of the Montclair Center BID. “It’s great to know that the BID has the trust and the support of the State in our recovery efforts.”


“The BID staff leapt into action when this opportunity appeared,” said Jason Gleason, executive director. “The ambassadors helped spread the word throughout the district and the office staff worked on processing over 100 applications over the Christmas holidays to start getting checks to business owners as quickly as possible.”


Representing over 400 businesses and over 200 property owners in downtown Montclair, the Montclair Center BID is directly responsible for the music performances, beautification projects, including plants and decorations, banners, way-finding signage and maintenance throughout the district. By encouraging dynamic collaboration, the Montclair Center BID also creates exciting events for shoppers and tourists, marketing opportunities for retailers and restaurateurs, and actively seeks to improve the area for businesses and residents.  For more information, visit

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