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Good Bottle Refill Shop

By: Lynese Salmon


New to Montclair Center is New Jersey’s first refill shop, Good Bottle, owned by mompreneur, Deanna Taylor-Heacock. Now located on 179 Glenridge Ave, Good Bottle refill shop makes every day Earth day while being the ideal location for zero waste lifestyle products. Deanna is a passionate business owner with experience in retail which makes Good Bottle an aesthetically pleasing store that offers a memorable experience. Deanna’s at-home experience as a mother, witnessing how much waste her family produces daily influenced her interest in the zero-waste movement and the need for sustainable lifestyle products, and a decrease in spending. In Deanna’s journey to making her home more sustainable and decreasing waste, within one summer, Good Bottle Refill Shop was born. Launched September 2019 in Maplewood and now in Montclair.

What Good Bottle Refill Shop Offers/Services

Immediately walking into Good Bottle Refill Shop, the store is sectioned off from sustainable, zero-waste lifestyle products, to the refill station, the laundry and cleaning products, to the hygiene and body products, and the weighing tables. The refill station is designed to make your refilling process simple and informative. You can simply refill your household, cleaning, and/or body care products with the variation of bottles/containers the shop provides or bring in your own bottle/container to refill. All of their products have refill numbers that assist you when it’s time to weigh and pay for your items. You can read clear descriptions of what ingredients are included in the products you’re purchasing which leaves you with the confidence that everything you’re buying is eco-friendly.

There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to cleaning products, household items, laundry products, lifestyle products, hygiene products, etc. The items you wouldn’t expect to be sustainable/ waste-free you can easily find at Good Bottle. Although they are a refill shop you can still purchase your sustainable, eco-friendly, zero-waste daily household items and hygiene care at your leisure. Deanna’s experience in retail made the development of Good Bottle an exceptional shopping experience. From the organized system to the vibrant aesthetic, to the welcoming atmosphere, Good Bottle is a shop you’ll surely find enjoyable.

Keeping safety protocols in mind, Good Bottle Refill shop offers curbside pickup and no-touch delivery services as an alternative to coming into the shop. For those interested in no-touch delivery, Good Bottle offers delivery Wednesdays through Saturdays. You can easily choose delivery when checking out through their website from there you’ll receive a text message once you’re delivery is in route and finally receive a follow-up text once your order has successfully been delivered. All done without making physical contact and keeping everyone safe. For those interested in curbside pickup, you’ll choose curbside pickup when checking out, you’ll receive a text once your order is ready, text Good Bottle once you arrive, and they’ll happily bring your order to you curbside. This is a quick and efficient way to shop for those on the go and would like to have their items ready by the time they arrive.

For more information on no-touch delivery and curbside pick up, visit the Good Bottle website

Eco-friendly, Sustainable, Zero-Waste Products

Deanna understands the importance of having eco-friendly, sustainable, zero-waste products within your home and how they can benefit you and your family in the long run. Which is why Good Bottle provides a variety of eco-friendly, nontoxic household, hygiene, and beauty products to choose from. Making it easier to transition your home into an eco-friendly, sustainable, zero-waste lifestyle. Although Good Bottle is a refill shop, there are no limitations on what you can find wandering through the shop. From household cleaning products such as liquid laundry detergent, laundry strips, fabric softener pods, all-purpose cleaner spray, toilet bombs, and floor cleaner. To bath and body products such as shampoo, conditioner, lotion bars, hair gel, shaving cream, and aromatherapy bath salts. Or even kitchen supplies such as unpaper towels, washable sponges, cloth napkins, food huggers, and bamboo utensils. The list goes on and on, that was just to name a few of the amazing products Good Bottle offers.

All of which are made with biodegradable, non-toxic, and organic ingredients. For more information on the types of products Good Bottle offers, visit the “shop” section of their website.

Zero Waste Movement

We create countless amounts of waste unknowingly within our households and tend to forget the effects our waste has on the environment. Good Bottle makes an effort to not only be an eco-friendly refill shop but a resource for information. On their website, you can find out more information on the zero waste movement and statistics on why refilling is so important. Good Bottle provides you with the tools and knowledge you need to begin a zero-waste, sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle. The shop leaves you feeling confident in the products you’re buying and well educated, all while getting your dose of retail therapy.

Check out Good Bottle Refill shop in Montclair where every day is Earth day and start your journey to a zero-waste home.

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