Celebrating Smith Boring & Parts Co.’s 34 Year Anniversary

Celebrating Smith Boring & Parts Co.’s 34 Year Anniversary


Celebrating 34 years of business is Smith Boring & Parts Co. A family-owned business currently run by Jaik and daughter Sharda. The history of this automotive parts business starts off with the current owner Jaik who started as a driver when he moved to the United States with his family. After four years of working as a driver, Jaik was promoted to manager and within six years he bought the business. Jaik’s hard work and dedication all of those years have led to decades of a successfully run business. Sharda started working alongside her father Jaik temporarily but after 30 years it’s safe to say she found her niche. Sharda’s work over the years has contributed to the success of Smith Boring & Parts Co.


The name Smith Boring & Parts Co. originates from the name of the original owner, Smith. While “Boring” refers to the machine shop work the family did. The one thing Smith Boring & Parts Co. values most about their business is their customers. The business has had customers who brought their children to the store in strollers who are now in their teenage years and shopping at the store for their own vehicles. Sharda has been told by one of their valued customers that they’ve been coming to Smith Boring & Parts Co. for 50 years. It goes without saying that the business is positively impacting lives and maintaining its success through the families of its valued customers.


Beyond being an automotive parts store, Smith Boring & Parts Co. offers a discount to Montclair High School students. In doing so, the business aims to encourage the youth to educate themselves on the care and maintenance of their vehicles. They also recommend that all students take Mr. Barouch’s auto shop course at Montclair High School. It’s clear that while the business serves as an automotive parts store, they also serve as a resource in terms of knowledge on automotive maintenance and care and hope to leave an impact on the lives of their customers regardless of age.


During the current trying times for business owners everywhere, Smith Boring & Parts Co. voices that it’s been hard for their business and it’s difficult to reinvent yourself. However, it’s great to have help from the Montclair Center BID, NJEDA, and other entities. Sharda leaves other business owners with the advice that “you just have to stay optimistic since as a small business owner you are already strong.”


Smith Boring & Parts Co. has managed to be a successfully ran family-owned business that has gained the support of long-time customers and continues to positively impact the lives of new customers. Their hard work, dedication, and genuine care for their customers are admired and define the meaning of a prosperous small business.


Congratulations to Smith Boring & Parts Co. on 34 years of business and to many more.

Written by Lynese Salmon

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