Architect H.I.I.T Fitness Studio

Architect H.I.I.T Fitness Studio

Architect H.I.I.T Fitness Studio is known as one of the hottest High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) studios in New Jersey founded and run by Adrienne Felder. Adrienne runs the studio alongside the co-owner Sarah Reppert. They created Architect Studios to ensure everyone felt accepted and welcomed in a place where all fitness levels can be pushed to their full potential. With the help of head coach and community manager Roy Rosado and several other fitness instructors, Architect H.I.I.T Fitness Studio provides one-on-one training for anyone interested.

What They Offer:

The studio offers over 40 classes including GRIIT, SPIN, TRX, Sprint.GRIIT, Circuit.GRIIT, xPress. SPIN, GRIIT.con (ditioning), and bit.GRIIT; all based on the H.I.I.T formula. The H.I.I.T formula means you’d be going to your maximum capacity for a set period of time. A clear description of each class style and what to expect can be located on the Architect Studio website

For those interested in taking their classes in the comfortability of their own home, Architect studio offers their classes online as well. They even allow participants to borrow equipment from the fitness studio, free of charge, so everyone can get a quality workout with the proper tools they need. Anyone interested can get their first class for free and decide on purchasing singular classes, package of 5 classes, package of 10 classes, package of 20 classes, or unlimited monthly. 

Safety Precautions: 

Keeping in mind we are still in the midst of a pandemic, Architect studios is ensuring their studio is a properly cleaned and safe environment for participants to get active. Masks are required in the studio at all times and each room is cleaned between each class session. They have reduced class sizes to properly follow social distancing guidelines. There are only 6 people allowed in their H.I.I.T classroom, 7 people allowed in their spin classroom, and 4 people allowed in their blueprint room. The studio provides cleaning supplies for participants to clean off their station and equipment before and after use. As the weather gets warmer, participants can expect outdoor class sessions as well. All of these safety precautions allow participants to stay safe and still enjoy their use of the studio.

Montclair Employee Appreciation Offer from Architect Studio:

Architect Studio is offering their services to all local workers, business employees, barbers, baristas, and retail associates at a generously discounted rate.

Architect Studios online fitness classes will be available at 50% off. If you are interested, please email Roy Rosado at

Want to try a class first? Email Roy Rosado at for a free virtual pass

Connect w/ Architect H.I.I.T Fitness Studio:

Architect H.I.I.T Fitness Studio prides itself on being a successfully women-owned, small business. Each of the owners, coaches, and instructors aims to maintain a welcoming environment for all participants. The studio works with anyone interested, including students, so that they can have the opportunity to take their classes and stay active.

To learn more information about Architect H.I.I.T Fitness Studio and to sign up for their classes visit the Architect Studio website.

“Architect Studios: a place built on love, laughter and (A LOT) of sweat.”

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